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We understand first hand the frustration of waiting for 3-4 weeks for a new axle for your utility trailer, dump trailer, gooseneck trailer, or your family’s RV. Bearing failure, tire or wheel failure, or even just many miles often can result in your spindles being ruined, and requiring the entire axle to be replaced. And then the waiting begins.

Since every axle on every type of trailer is built to that exact trailer’s specifications, it is often impossible to find the correct axle in stock to get your trailer up and running quickly. Here at Fayette, we can measure, cut, and fabricate a new axle to your exact specifications in-house, even within a 24-48 hour built time ! With our large inventory of components, and the ability to create any widths required, nobody can get your trailer back on the road as quickly as we can!

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Custom Built Trailer Axles from 2,200 lbs, to 7,000 lbs.