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Fayette Trailers LLC Parts and Distribution is a proud supplier of CURT weight distribution hitch systems replacement parts.
CURT weight distribution hitches, or load-equalizing hitches, are designed to create a level ride across your tow vehicle and trailer. This is done by equalizing or distributing the tongue weight of the trailer more evenly onto the vehicle’s axles. CURT weight distribution hitches use metal spring bars to pry or lift up on the back end of the vehicle and move more of the trailer’s tongue weight to the front axle. While a tow vehicle’s back end might sit several inches lower with a heavy trailer, with a weight distribution hitch properly installed, this height difference is reduced and split across the entire vehicle.

CURT weight-distributing hitches come in two styles: round bar and trunnion bar. These refer to the types of spring bars used by each style. A round bar weight distribution hitch uses round spring bars attached to the underside of the WD hitch head, and a trunnion bar weight distribution hitch uses square bars mounted at the face of the hitch head. There is very little difference between the two in terms of weight capacity. However, trunnion bar WD hitches do sometimes offer slightly more ground clearance compared to round bar.

CURT weight distribution hitches feature heavy-duty hitch heads and forged steel spring bars; both of which are highly adjustable to achieve the exact weight distribution necessary. Our WD hitches come with 2” x 2” shanks to fit receiver-style trailer hitches of classes 3, 4 and 5 as well as some RV hitches. A weight distribution hitch cannot be used on trailer hitches of classes 1 or 2 because of their relatively low gross trailer weight capacity. If a weight distribution hitch were to be applied to a trailer with too little weight, the trailer would become too “stiff” for proper towing. Before purchasing a CURT weight distribution hitch, check to make sure your trailer hitch is compatible.