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CURT TruTrack™ Trunnion Bar Weight Distribution Hitches
Full-size travel trailer or popup camper -- no matter what RV you're towing this weekend, getting to that destination safe and sound starts with the right hitch connection. The CURT line of trunnion bar weight distribution hitches offers a range of capacities and styles to let you Bring It® with confidence.

While many weight distribution hitches are made to be compatible with a sway control attachment, the CURT TruTrack™ is an advanced WD system that integrates the sway control function into the design of the hitch. It combines precise weight distributing with integrated sway control to deliver the smoothest, safest ride possible. The TruTrack™ features a spring and cam system to actively stop trailer sway, as well as adjustable support brackets to hold the spring bars in place. These features, along with a guesswork-free setup, truly make the TruTrack™ unparalleled in its class.

CURT Pin-Style Trunnion Bar Weight Distribution Hitches
The CURT pin-style trunnion weight distribution hitch is designed to be highly adjustable to accommodate a variety of trailers and loads. Instead of using tabs or clips, this specialized hitch uses cast steel receiver brackets and wire-lock lynch pins to provide a sturdy connection point for the spring bars. The receiver brackets then mount onto the hitch head using thick receiver pins. This ensures a solid attachment and reduced wear for improved durability. The heavy-duty cast steel head provides a solid foundation and the trunnion-style spring bars are made from forged steel for optimum strength and tension on the load.

CURT Light-Duty Trunnion Bar Weight Distribution Hitches
For a precise amount of control on a relatively light-duty trailer, such as a popup camper, the light-duty trunnion bar weight distribution hitch is the perfect accessory. It features a gross trailer weight capacity range of 3,000 to 5,000 lbs. and comes with a dual sway control head, allowing for up to two sway control units to be added. It is constructed with forged steel spring bars and a durable carbide powder coat finish.

CURT Long and Short Trunnion Bar Weight Distribution Hitches
CURT offers a variety of standard trunnion bar weight distribution hitches in short bar and long bar options. These hitches are available in weight capacities from 5,000 to 15,000 lbs. and can be purchased as a standalone hitch or as a complete kit with a sway control unit and pre-torqued trailer ball included. Our long bar WD hitches have 30 5/8" spring bars, and our short bar WD hitches have 28 3/8" spring bars, accommodating different trailer types and loads. All CURT trunnion bar weight distribution hitches come with pre-assembled spring bar chains, hookup brackets, a 2" x 2" adjustable shank and a durable carbide powder coat finish.
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